The Real Camera FTP service


Every IP Camera has its own FTP account, for your security, cameras can only upload data, they can not read, browse or download your data.

You can use the FTPS account to browse and download photos with any FTP client like FileZilla for computers, AndFTP for Android, FTPManager Free for iPhone or you can use EasyCamFTP

You do not need to expose your camera on internet with port forwarding, the only thing that your camera need to do is send data. You can use your IP Camera also with UMTS networks.

You don't need to configure your router or install any software.

EasyCamFTP is very simple to configure and it comes already configured with "Camera upload interval in seconds" already set to 60, it means EasyCamFTP is waiting for an image from your IP camera every 60 seconds, if EasyCamFTP does not receive images in time and you enabled "Offline Alert service" then EasyCamFTP will send you an email to alert your camera is offline. You can also enable the email alert in case of alarm.

EasyCamFTP let you to avoid to expose your IP Camera on internet because the connection is not encrypted so your username and password are very simple to sniff. EasyCamFTP use FTPS and HTTPS high level encryption with RSA keys 2048 bits long.

Your data are safe: check here for an example

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